Professional and Business Programmes

Full Immersion & Combo Courses in a Teacher’s Home

Are you…

  • effective in meetings?
  • comfortable at conferences?
  • relaxed during presentations?
  • positive while negotiating?
  • confident when socialising?
  • secure while travelling overseas?

If you need to improve your English fast in these situations we have the programmes for you.

Our aim is to empower you to communicate effectively in international business by using your English actively with increased confidence and knowledge. Speaking, discussing, debating, listening and modelling your language, you make continual progress, experiencing at first hand English culture.

Key Features

  • Detailed oral & written assessment
  • A tailor-made study programme to meet your needs, not those of a class

  • One to one lessons with dedicated, experienced host trainers.

  • Regular feedback and daily review so all attainable targets are met
  • Course overview and progress discussion with a Director of Studies
  • Help with a realistic plan for further study
  • Skype sessions can be booked with your trainer after the course
Business english
Business english

Our trainers and their families are happy to help you put the language into practice in real situations when you practise the language for socialising with your clients and international colleagues.

  • Talk to other family members
  • Share a lunch break with native speakers
  • Enjoy dinnertime conversation
  • Benefit from local outings
  • Or just go to the pub and chat to other English people


Your choice of formula depends on three main factors – how many hours you wish to study, the time you have available and the level of intensity and specialisation needed.

Choose from:

This course offers training in General Business English with one host trainer. It is suitable for clients from False Beginner level +. It is ideal for those starting to use English in a business context or brushing up existing knowledge.

Choose from 15, 20 or 25 hours of one to one study each week while enjoying endless practice in your free time.

Lessons include;

  • role play, simulation
  • use of authentic and up-to-date materials, as well as
  • media and recordings
  • particular reference to functional business language.

Plus unlimited opportunities to discuss, socialise, read a newspaper, watch TV or a DVD and relax with your host trainer and family.

You are welcome to bring a partner to share the accommodation or the programme.

This formula is UNIQUE to Channel English Studies.

Professional +

  • Guarantees maximum intensity to accelerate your progress.
  • An option for clients with limited time in the UK and those requiring specialised training.
  • Often a boost before a difficult presentation, conference or job interview.
  • Can include
    • Personal presentations
    • Company presentations
    • Conference presentations
    • Interviews
    • Negotiating
    • Telephoning/video conferencing
    • Attending/chairing a meeting
    • Sales/marketing
  • Recommended level Lower Intermediate +.

Choose 25 or 30 hours of one to one lessons per week divided between your host trainer and a visiting trainer plus full immersion practice.

AM Host Trainer – 15 hours one to one lessons

  • Functional language relevant to your Professional needs
  • Time to revisit specific structures and vocabulary extension
  • Discussion, role play, use of authentic materials.

PM Visiting Trainer – 10/15 hours one to one lessons (25/30 hour programme)

  • A new approach, a different face, a different voice
  • A specialised trainer
  • Active practice of business scenarios specific to you
  • A wide range of specialised options available including: Aviation, Medicine, Law, Accountancy, Finance Banking, Politics, HR, IT, Marketing/Sales, QA, Logistics etc.
  • Please state any specific requirements when booking

Plus unlimited opportunities to discuss, socialise, read a newspaper, watch TV or a DVD and relax with your host trainer and family.

You are welcome to bring a partner to share the accommodation or the programme.

If total immersion is not quite your ‘cup of tea’, why not combine 15 hours of lessons in the trainer’s home with 15 hours of intensive language training in a mini-group at a prestigious business school in the Canterbury area.

You combine the proven advantages of immersion with the intercultural awareness that working with participants from other countries brings.

One to one in the morning allows you to focus on the particular skills you need to develop. In the afternoon put this into practice with other non native speakers from different backgrounds. Discuss negotiating, evaluate different presentations and learn the art of communicating effectively with different cultures.

Based on 30 contact hours tuiition plus unlimited social practice with your host teacher and family plus a drink at the end of the afternoon with your group, this is another very effective sotution to fast progress in a minimum amount of time.

Key Facts

Fees include

  • 15, 20, 25, 30 hour one to one tuition
  • 15 hour one to one tuition/15 hours mini-group

  • Full board accommodation
  • Social Activities with trainer
  • Transfer from local station
  • Attendance Certificate
  • Academic report & Final Assessment

Optional extras

  • Private bathroom
  • Extra nights
  • Shared tuition and accommodation on request
  • Additional trainers
  • Skype lessons with your trainer after the course
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