English for the Under 18's

The secure route to success!

English today is vital for work and travel. So what is the best way to prepare young people for the future?

We have proved over the years that the best solution is a Channel Junior Course for progress and fun. Let our younger students speak for themselves:

“It was a fantastic stay. I loved talking with the family.”
Benjamin, 15, France
“It was a very interesting and instructive time with Channel, but too short!”
Andreas, 17, Switzerland
“My English has really improved. I had fun and was never bored. David (my teacher) is AMAZING!”
Pietro, 17, Italy
“Lively day, lively hosts – never bored. I really made progress. 1st test 10/30, 2nd test 29/30 in one week!”
Aurelian, 16, France
“I think I have very progressed and it’s thanks to you. I would like to return.”
Antoine, 14, France
“It’s been a good week. It’s the best way to improve a language so I would like to do it again.”
Laura, 17, Spain
“Super family. Change nothing – I’m coming back”
Vanina, 15, Italy
“This is my second visit to Channel. Great lessons, fun family – perfect as always!”
Nerea, 17, Spain
“Roberta is a wonderful person. I improved my English and she have taught me a large amount of vocabulary.”
Silvia, 15, Italy
” I don’t like weather. I liked go swimming with the family. My teacher is nice.”
Ophelie, 13, France

Channel has welcomed younger learners to study in a teacher’s home in England since 1990 and has a reputation today for providing constructive and imaginative teaching, a caring approach, careful supervision and lots of fun!!


After oral and written assessments and discussion, your teacher plans one to one lessons to prepare you for success at school and in exams.

Younger students often need lots of speaking practice to build confidence and improve their pronunciation and accuracy. Our lessons are as active and stimulating as possible.

Modern textbooks, DVDs, media, role play and real life situations are all important parts of learning. Daily homework consolidates the lessons.

At the end of the course you take a second test so it’s easy to compare results and see the progress – absolutely brilliant! Teachers can advise on further study areas when you return home.

All students receive an Attendance Certificate. A formal report is provided on request.

Family Life

Family Life – full immersion

From arrival until departure, you are included in family life – enjoying meals, sharing activities like shopping, watching films, playing games, family hobbies and visiting friends and family.

Our specialist teaching families for children under 18 offer 24/7 commitment to their student and understand the need to keep their guest entertained.

Local Visits and activities

The course fee includes three local visits per week with the teacher and/or family members. Possibly a sporting activity, visit to a place of interest, a trip to the cinema or just a mammoth shopping expedition? You only need pocket money for personal spending.

Teachers try to find activities that reflect your interests and discuss these with you.


Worried about being on your own in a foreign country for the first time?

Simple answer…

Are you preparing for Cambridge or other exams and would like intensive exam study…

For additional sport training…

Key Facts - Junior Courses

  • 12 – 17 years
  • 10, 15 or 20 hours of one to one lessons per week
  • All lessons a full 60 minutes
  • Loan of all books & resources
  • Full board & Accommodation
  • Three local excursions with the family each week
  • 24/7 supervision
  • Bring a friend option
  • Attendance certificate & course report
  • Optional extras including horse riding, tennis and golf