Groups and Group 4 - the Value Options

Groups (8 – 20) people

Arrange a stay for 8 to 20 people and we will offer you an exceptional rate for your courses.

All courses are based on staying in a teacher’s home on a one to one or two to one basis. Some homes can offer a three to one stay also. This stay offers you all the advantages of a teacher’s home course. Please see General Courses. for details.

Where possible Channel will try to locate the group in the same area or with good local transport connections.

  • Ideal for groups from colleges, universities, social clubs or just friends who would like to be in the UK together

  • Ideal for mixed ability groups

  • Ideal for those looking for an intensive stay but at an exceptional price.

  • Ideal for those needing specific language help.


Bookings must be made at the same time.
The Group should arrive and depart on the same dates.
In the event of a student/client having an allergy, Channel reserves the right to place the student in a suitable home that may be further from the rest of the group.
Group transfers can be arranged. Please ask for quotation when booking.

Group courses

Group 4 Option

If you wish for a cheaper alternative to the standard Teacher’s Home Course, why don’t you consider Group 4?

This caters for those who want a more individual approach than that offered by a school but allows considerably more flexibility to meet language and social needs.

  • Four students share lessons in a teacher’s home with full modern course materials and up to date resources.

  • Students stay with carefully selected host families on a one student/one home basis and are able to practise the language in their free time with their hosts.

  • Students may choose a two to one home option if they wish

  • Three excursions are arranged each week with the teacher

  • Students will be included in all activities with their host families at the weekend.

  • Advice will be provided on public transport and money-saving fare offers if students wish to visit London or other destinations ouside the local area.


All students must book at the same time.
Students should have an approximately similar level
to ensure maximum progress for the group
Students should arrive and depart on the same dates

Group courses