School Groups

  • Two students per teaching home

  • Full board accommodation with teacher and family

  • 7/10/14 night courses

  • Visit by Channel Welfare Officers

  • 1 teacher place per 10 students (half board basis)

  • Courses based on 10/15 hours two to one lessons per week
  • Three afternoon activities with teaching framily

  • Books & Resources supplied for use during course.

  • Flexible arrival/departure days except during July/August

  • 24/7 Services of Channel Staff

For years, Channel has been working with schools in Europe to provide a cost effective alternative to the traditional language stay.

Teachers, students and parents say our formula ensures rapid progress, encourages higher levels of motivation and confidence. The kids have a good time sharing experiences with their English families and with each other on outings.

Two students stay together with a teacher who helps them overcome any language difficulties. During lessons, meals, family time, while watching TV or playing on the computer and on outings with the family, only English is spoken ensuring unlimited progress.

School groups
School Groups

Enjoyment and entertainment are important too. Host teachers take their students out on local excursions during the week and the family share their activities and interests too. Arrangements can be made for the whole group to go on a day trip to London or half day trips to local cities.

Depending on parental permission, older students may spend some time exploring the local area or shopping malls together. Younger students receive 24/7 supervision.

On a practical note

  • Students should choose which friend to share the home and lessons

  • Limited possibility for mini groups of three or four to share together

  • Allergies must be notified so we can make suitable arrangements

  • Teachers may accompany our welfare officers and directors of study on visits to their students if they wish

  • Teachers are expected to escort their students on group visits

School groups

Please contact us for individual quotes based on your group’s requirements.