In a quiet area in the home of your host teacher.
Yes, we do. Teachers use modern teaching resources including books, DVDs, CD’s, internet and exercises suitable for your level and objectives.
You receive a Certificate of Attendance at the end of your course. If requested, a full report is provided.
We send a profile of your proposed teaching family. This has the names, interests and hobbies of the family members. There are details of the house and any domestic pets.

It also gives the address, email details and telephone numbers.

Your host family will be pleased to meet you at the nearest railway or bus station free if charge.

If you are driving, we provide detailed instructions to your teacher’s home.

We can arrange transfers by taxi from airport/port to the teacher’s home. All unaccompanied students under 16 should do this. We can provide a competitive quote for the service and will make a booking for you. Please ask for details when you book.

If you do not bring a mobile phone, young students may telephone parents to confirm safe arrival. Teachers are happy for students to receive calls at any reasonable time.

If teachers have a computer for family use, they will allow you to share it as another family member.

You receive full board with your teacher.

Breakfast – either continental or sometimes at the weekend a more traditional English one.
Lunch – often a light meal, possibly, salad, soup, omelette etc…
Dinner – usually the main meal of the day, served between 6 – 8 pm depending on family habit

Drinks and snacks are available as required.

You take part in normal family life with activities like shopping, visiting friends and family, watching TV, DVDs and sharing the family’s hobbies and interests.

Your teacher will be delighted to show you around the local area. They will also have details of any tourist attractions in Kent and the London area and can advise on these

Children under 18 receive three activities which reflect their interests and are accompanied by a family member e.g. a visit to a local attraction, a cinema visit, a sporting activity. Activities depend on the availability of the facilities.

Parents must give written permission if a child under 16 years old requests to go out alone.

Most teaching families have WIFI and are happy to provide the required code to allow students to use their laptops and Iphones to access the internet. Those without will offer a connection to their system.

You will be discouraged from spending too much time on ‘social media’ whilst on a language course. Frequent use of your mother tongue affects your progress.

Remember the electricity supply in the UK is 240-V and needs a three square pin plug. You may need an adaptor for laptops, phone chargers etc.


When can I start my course? How should I book?

Courses start on any Sunday during the year and last from one week plus.

Most students arrive on a Sunday afternoon and leave in the morning of their day of departure – sometimes Saturday and occasionally Sunday – depending on travel arrangements. Some flexibility is possible out of the summer season – please email the office to discuss your requirements.

Please complete and return the registration form as an enquiry. We will be pleased to confirm availability and suggest a suitable host teacher. If you are happy with this suggestion, then the booking becomes firm and a deposit is requested.