Two to One

We are happy to arrange shared stays on all our homestay language courses. So if you would like to share with a friend, partner or family member, just let us know and we will do the rest.

General Course

If your language levels are similar:

  • share lessons and free time

  • ideal for older students who need an economical option

  • perfect for a couple to share learning and a holiday

Full information about General Courses →

If your language levels or course objectives are very different:

  • we provide a second teacher for the number of hours required

  • lessons can cover EAP, Exam preparation, general business

  • lessons run concurrently

General courses
Junior courses

Junior Course

  • Particularly suitable for younger students on their first visit to England without school or family

  • Share with a friend or sibling.

  • Lessons on a two to one basis

  • All activities shared.

Generally students of a similar age have a similar language level. If there is a wide difference, we can arrange to divide the hours between them. Some one to one and some shared. This ensures a good learning experience and happy children.

We do not find it efficient to match unknown students from different countries as there can be a wide difference in language level, culture and interests. READ MORE →

Business & Professional Courses

These formulas are very flexible.

  • Clients with similar levels and objectives share teaching.

  • We are happy to provide additional teachers if necessary.

For example: A one teacher 20 or 25 hour Business Course could be adapted to offer shared morning lessons and then a second teacher could visit during the afternoon if one of the clients needs specific language practice.

Alternatively on a Professional Course both clients can stay with a host teacher and one client work with that teacher in the morning, while another teacher works with the second client. Then two different teachers can visit in the afternoon. This maintains the two teacher format but allows the accommodation and free time to be shared. Full information on Business and Professional Courses. READ MORE →

Business courses

Accommodation & Free Time

  • On adult courses, students have the choice of twin bedded or single rooms. If you would prefer a double bedded room, please let us know at the time of booking.

  • Younger students share a twin bedded room, although students of different sexes are offered two single rooms.

  • A private bathroom is available as an optional extra.

  • If your partner does not wish to take lessons, then you should book a one to one course and take the accommodation only option for the other person.

  • Free time and local excursions in accordance with One to One Course information